Spring Market Continues To Grow

The Toronto real estate market continues to grow at a record breaking pace. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board monthly resale figures released today, sales increased by 34% while the number of new listings grew by 59% in April compared to this time last year. Is the Toronto market over heating? Are buyers rushing to secure a home before the HST comes into effect in July? Are they trying to beat the interest rate increases that we have been reading so much about in the papers? Does the increase in new listings mean that Finance Minister Flaherty’s mortgage rules are reducing the number of buyers? Or is it simply a case of good old fashion spring fever? A little of all of the above I would say.

When is it a good time to buy? When is it a good time to sell? Don’t get too bogged down with all the media hype. Experience has shown me that the right time to buy or to sell is the time that’s right for you. If you are thinking of moving, do your homework, talk to your bank or mortgage broker, secure your financing and choose a realtor who knows the market and can get things done.

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