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Why did I create a resource dedicated to Home Sellers?

The goal of this website is to inspire you as a home seller to be inquisitive and to learn more about the process of selling your home which affects you, your family, your bottom line and yes, your sanity.

1) I want to help Home Sellers understand the massive divide between the buying and the selling processes. Selling is far more complicated and challenging and Home Sellers are far more disadvantaged than the Home Buyers. I want to help you learn how to make the best possible sale (which I define as quick and hassle free, for the highest possible price, with the least amount of disruption and inconveniences in the shortest period of time) by being aware of all the critical elements involved. Learn More

2) No one is speaking specifically for the Home Seller. The truth is, Home Buyers are well looked after, well educated and well informed. They have TV shows, Internet sites, articles aimed at explaining the entire buying process from beginning to end – what to look for, what to expect, how to look for a realtor, how to look for a home, etc.  They are not short of information they are also harnessing technology to their full advantage. We can’t say the same for the Home Seller. Selling is far more complicated and challenging. My goal is to provide the knowledge to put you, the Home Seller, on equal footing with Home Buyers. Learn More

3) In this blog, you will get some unconventional views that go beyond the obvious. You will get the insights that come from private one-on-one conversations with thousands of clients over the past 30 years – clients who have relied on my advice to make successful and lucrative decisions. My experience combined with the power of today’s technology gave birth to this blog to empower you. Learn More


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