Why Vlad?

As a seller, your objective is to sell your home for the highest price with the least amount of stress and disruptions while maintaining privacy and discretion.

Yet, not every seller always achieves this objective.

Today, home buyers are a click away from exploring every room of your house without stepping inside. But it takes more than a mouse to navigate your way through a crowded real estate market.

You need an innovative agent who understands the profound changes that have occured in the marketing of homes, who has made home marketing his specialty, and who possesses the multitude of other skills required to navigate through this maze.

With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Vlad is an expert in his field. He does the hard work so you don't have to. In a business where language can be manipulated to make a sale, Vlad is a man of his word. Trustworthiness is the cornerstone of every transaction.

Whether he has known you for an hour or a decade, Vlad brings many benefits to the table when working for you. Here are just a few:

1 – Vlad is a forward-thinking agent who harnesses today’s technology to your advantage and who has the upper-hand in reaching the right markets. Vlad knows the market inside and out. He knows how to make your house stand out in a sea of listings.

2 – A highly-skilled negotiator, listener and communicator, Vlad has the right tools and the right approach to ease your concerns and ensure you make an informed decision. He is an ally and an advocate.

3 – Vlad has expertise encompassing all aspects of the Real Estate industry: marketing, negotiations, legal, financing, construction, renovations and income properties.

4 – Experience from over $900 million in career sales having served 2,000 plus satisfied clients.

5 You will always be treated in an ethical and respectful way.

6 – Vlad is not attached to the outcome of any deal that is not in your best interest. If it doesn’t feel right, he will not hesitate to tell you to walk away. You will never feel boxed in or pressured into a decision.

7 – He knows Toronto and all the opportunities and pleasures this vibrant, multicultural city has to offer. He lives in it, he loves it and he invests in it. A hands-on investor and property manager, Vlad brings this direct investment expertise to the table.

8 – He believes real estate is an invaluable vehicle that can lead to financial independence and freedom. He knows first-hand how to convert prosperity from a concept to concrete experience.

9 – Vlad is working with the second generation of many families and understands his clients' needs.

10 – You will have at your disposal the assistance of his whole team of highly trained and specialized support staff.

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