A bit of History

The year was 1981. Apples didn’t have screens. Blackberries were plucked and not programmed. Only birds tweeted. And though Vlad Bregman hadn’t just stepped off the boat, he was still finding his footing in Canada, the country he now called home. He was 25, barely spoke the language and had a beat up 1974 VW Beetle to his name. He had no bank account, no credit card…and he had just bought his first house. The real estate market was at its peak but one house wasn’t moving because it was so overpriced – the only house his agent showed him.

Vlad didn’t know it was overpriced, hadn’t heard of any boom and didn’t know he didn’t qualify for financing. So the accommodating seller took back a closed mortgage at 20% interest. A naïve outsider, Vlad paid full price for a house he could call his own. At least, he thought it was a house of his own. Instead he got a rooming house filled with tenants, some of whom didn’t bother paying their rent. A few months later, the market crashed and his home was worth half of what he paid for it.

Stung by the experience, Vlad took this as a wake-up call. How could he have been so naïve? Why didn’t his agent give him the information he needed? If only he had asked the right questions. If only he had known what questions to ask. If only the agent had spoken openly and honestly. If only….

Vlad decided to take a real estate course out of curiosity. He wanted an ‘insider’s look’ at the profession to better understand what had happened to an outsider like himself. But as Vlad’s interest in real estate grew, so too did his commitment to ensure others would not experience what he had been though. As he decided to pursue a career in real estate, he was determined to make trustworthiness a cornerstone of every transaction.

It has been thirty years since that fateful day when Vlad was little more than a nervous kid left holding the keys to a rooming house, and his future.

And while it is true that technology changes in a heartbeat, some skills are timeless. His record speaks for itself. His passion is his work and his work is his passion. And he’s here to work for you.